Pre-K Class – 2  
Must be 4 by Aug. 31 of the school year
14/2 student/teacher ratio
The goal of the Pre-K class is to prepare students academically, spiritually and socially for Kindergarten. The fours focus on pre-reading skills through alphabet recognition and letter sounds. We take a multi-sensory approach with children learning their letters by hearing the letter, seeing the letter and writing the letters with a variety of materials. Math skills are reinforced by counting, grouping and sorting objects. In addition, children learn patterns, sequencing and rhyming. Learning centers and small group instruction are used daily. Bible stories are incorporated weekly into the curriculum. Chapel is held bi-weekly.  Music/creative movement classes are held bi-weekly for children that come 2-3 days per week and weekly for children that come 5 days a week. Children visit the school library once a week. To enhance the learning experience outside the classroom, the Pre-K class goes on 2-3 field trips throughout the school year.