Eileen is the lead teacher in the Monday through Friday 4s room.

Originally from Long Island, NY, Eileen worked in the NY City fashion industry and was given the opportunity to transfer to Los Angeles, CA. There she met her husband, Oscar and had 3 children. In 1997, they moved to Summerfield, NC to be closer to family. Her family enjoys travel, sports and outdoor activities.

Eileen joined CCP once her children began school. She worked with the toddlers, the 3-year-olds and has been in the 4-year-old room since 2002. Eileen enjoys working with the 4/5-year-olds because their minds grow so much during this time.

She says, “I just love being with the kids- the excitement when we celebrate holidays, when learning to write their name, recognizing their letters – they are so proud of themselves. I love the hugs and the cute pictures they make for us and the way they run into the room, just knowing they want to come to class! Dancing and getting to be silly with them is so much fun! Everyday is an adventure, especially when we do our science experiments.”