2 Year Old Class - T/TH, MWF, or M-F

Must be 2 by Aug. 31 of the school year
10/2 student/teacher ratio

The goal of the twos classroom is to help the child learn to be in a new environment, to play cooperatively, follow simple 2-3 steps directions. All while gaining self-confidence and taking turns! Students will follow daily routines learning color identification, basic shapes, position/size vocabulary (under, over, big small), conversational skills, sensory explorations, fine and gross motor play, eating skills and outdoor play.

Simple songs, nursery rhymes and bible stories are used daily to reinforce weekly themes and concepts. Chapel and music/creative movement are an important part of the 2-year-old class. Chapel is held bi-weekly in the Sanctuary and is led by the church pastor, Denise Kilgo-Martin.