Parent Information

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


For safety reasons, the church has made the back of the building one way. Both entrances are open to enter and exit. Please be mindful that the entrance closest to 220 is a right hand turn exit only due to the median. Please park outside the Playschool entrance. Please drive extremely slow as children and parents are entering and exiting the building . The program begins at 9:00 am. The Playschool door opens at 8:55 am. If you arrive after 9:15 am, please enter through the doors by the church office. The doors to the Playschool will be locked at 9:15 am. For the safety of all children, parents are to bring their children to the classroom. Please sign your child in and be sure that the teachers know that he/she is present.

Whether or not this is the first time your child has been separated from you, it is natural for your child to be hesitant about you leaving. If your child is having difficulty, here are some suggestions:

1. Reassure the child that you will return when the program is over.
2. Place emphasis on what the child is going to do at the program rather than what your activities will be.
3. Avoid prolonged good-byes. Establishing a ritual often helps. The child may have a choice about the ritual but not about when it will happen.
4. Ask the teacher for help in separation. We expect crying and we have experience in dealing with it in a loving, caring way.
5. Call us back to see how your child is doing. If the Director feels it is in the child’s best interest to be picked up early, he/she will call you.
6. Please do not “sneak away” when the child isn’t looking. That doesn’t help build the necessary trust.
7. If a child is having difficulty separating, it may take up to 3-4 times for the child to realize that the mother or father will come back. Repeated good-byes strengthen children’s beliefs that you will return.

We are always ready to work through this with you.


The program ends at 1:00 pm. PLEASE BE ON TIME! The car pickup line begins at 12:45. The car pickup line begins at 12:45 under the covered driveway at the back of the church building. For safety reasons the church has made the back of the building one way. Please enter the church at the farther entrance from 220 and make a wide right turn around the church parking lot to drive slowly behind the church.

What Each Child Needs to Bring

Parents need to provide everything that will be needed by their children during the time they are in the program. This includes: sippy cups, diapers, wipes, bibs and a change of clothes for toddlers. For older children, this will include: a change of clothes and extra diapers/trainers/underwear. Please make sure your child’s name is on all of his/her belongings. All children have accidents, either not getting to the restroom on time or spilling food or drink or because of an upset stomach. Please do not let your child bring any toys, books, money or candy. These can be broken or lost when a child wants to share them with the whole class. Our policy is to take these items and put them away until it’s time to go home. Often, this may be forgotten at the end of the day and your child will be without his/her favorite toy or book until the next time they are at Playschool. So please, tell your child that there will be toys in his/her classroom to play with.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum is defined by the environment, the materials and the people that a child finds at the church center. Developmentally, appropriate play and learning experiences enable each child to develop in their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development and helps nurture their independence.

Faith development is a primary concern of a church-operated child care program. Our caregivers are the instruments for teaching faith as they model Christian living, values and God’s love.

We offer pre-school learning opportunities through play encouraging children to develop awareness and recognition of letters, numbers, colors and shapes.

In the threes and fours classes, the Playschool has adapted using the curriculum Zoo-Phonics. Zoo-Phonics is a multi-sensory, kinesthetic method to teaching phonemic awareness and letter recognition. It uses animals in the s hapes of letters for easy recognition, along with movements for each given letter.

In addition, the Playschool has added Handwriting Without Tears in the threes and fours classes that embraces a multi-sensory approach with hands-on techniques and activities.

We nurture each child’s natural love of music by singing songs, playing different genres of music during class time and engaging them in music and movement activities.

Developing children’s artistic interest and talent is something we also enjoy here at our school. Children are presented daily with art activities and plenty of opportunities for sensory play.

To help children develop in the areas of language and literacy, we expose them to daily reading opportunities and storytelling. Simple word games and activities are offered to children when they are developmentally ready.

Children’s Christian Playschool offers enrichment specials throughout your child’s week.

Children attend a 20 minute music and movement class once a week to twice a month depending on how many days a week your child attends.
As stated by Maria Runfolo, associate professor of music education at the University of Buffalo, “Music curriculum aims to nurture preschoolers’ language skills.”

Children in the twos, threes and fours classes attend chapel twice a month. Our goal during these times is to introduce the children to different Christian themes, stories, songs and concepts with the greatest goal being them recognizing the fact that Jesus loves them.

Children in the threes and fours classes participate in a monthly yoga class learning simple and age appropriate yoga poses. Benefits of yoga include flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. Yoga encourages healthy habits and teaches calming techniques to help improve emotional regulation.

Children in the threes and fours classes will visit the school library bi-weekly.


Guiding a child in acceptable pattern of behavior is the goal of the family and the program staff. We try to help each child learn to discipline him/herself. We have rules that must be followed for safety and health. We have needs for sharing all our equipment with other children. Each teacher has some of her own rules about acceptable behavior.

Discipline may take the form of “sit in the chair until we can talk about it…” or “stand by the fence until you can stop throwing rocks.” Rewarding good behavior is our aim, so that the child will find that unacceptable behavior lacks fun and fails to get him the desired attention of the teacher. We try to use a positive approach so that the children will choose a better way.

* Children will not be subjected to punishment of a physical nature such as spanking or shaking..
* Children will not be subjected to punishment of a psychological nature such as humiliation or derogatory or sarcastic remarks or threats of physical punishment.
* Children will not be treated in a punitive manner or shamed when a bathroom accident occurs.
* Children will not be denied food as a punishment nor will they be forced to eat.

It is our goal to work with the family to be supportive of each other in manners of discipline.

Health Requirements

Every child must have a current physical examination by a doctor prior to entering the Children’s Christian Playschool. The physical must be renewed each year.

A record of immunizations must accompany the physical examination. You are responsible for seeing that your child receives immunizations as needed.

When Your Child Gets Sick

We have only temporary emergency isolation facilities. When children get sick, we can only isolate them until a responsible adult can be reached.

Guidelines for keeping an ill child at home:
1- Fever: any temperature above 98.6° orally
2- Vomiting within 24 hours (that means a full 24 hours since last occurrence)
3- Cold Symptoms (e.g. runny nose, coughing, watery eyes): some of these symptoms could be caused by allergies, which are not contagious and may not be a reason to keep a child home
4- Contagious diseases including conjunctivitis, impetigo and other contagious skin infections (chicken pox is contagious for 6 days after the first eruption). Please notify the Playschool office immediately when your child has any contagious illnesses.
5- If a child is on antibiotics, he or she must be on the medication for 24 hours before returning.
6- Persistent coughs: although these may be due to allergies and not contagious, the teachers have found that such coughs often sap a child’s energy.
7- Head Lice: The Playschool has a “No Nit” Policy. All head lice must be effectively treated. Children who have had head lice will be admitted back to the program when all nits are gone.
8- A child who is ill during the night should be kept home for observation the following day.
9- If a child was given a suppository for bowel movements.
Before returning to the program, the child should be free of any of the above symptoms for 24 hours.


We are concerned about the children. If they will be absent, please call and let us know.

If a child is absent the fee continues in order for us to reserve his/her place. The staff has to be paid and the costs of operation continue even when your child is absent.


The First day of School is always the day after Labor Day (in September) and then the program follows the same schedule as the Guilford County School System. That calendar is available at

Severe Weather Policy

If Guilford County Schools are…
**Closed all day, then the Playschool is closed

**Delayed one hour, then the Playschool maintains their regular schedule, opening at 9:00 am

**Delayed 2 hours, then the Playschool will start 1 hour late, opening at 10:00 am

**Delayed 3 hours then the Playschool will start 2 hours late, opening at 11 am

When Guilford County Schools are in session but close early due to inclement weather:

** Playschool closes 1 hour earlier than Guilford County School dismissal time.

The Guilford County Schools Winter Weather Watch states: “When snow or other severe weather conditions occur, it’s sometimes necessary to cancel school, delay the opening of school or dismiss classes early. The Guilford County Schools will make an announcement of cancellations, delays or dismissals as soon as a decision is made, but until that time, it is important to remember that if no announcement is made, school will open as usual.”

How to find out if school is closed:
1-Children’s Christian Playschool will announce any closings or delays on our Facebook Page.
2- Listen to local radio or television station. If Guilford County Schools are closed or it is opening late, an announcement will be made be. PLEASE DO NOT CALL the media, schools or weather bureau. They must keep their phone lines open for emergency announcements when the weather is bad.
3- Parents: to avoid disruptions in your schedule, please remember to make plans early in the year for child care arrangements in case snowy, icy or other severe weather closes school.