Q: What ages do you serve?

A:  We serve children between 12 months (and walking) and 5-6 years of age. A child may attend the program up to 5 days per week

Q: Where is the school located?

A:  We are located at Summerfield Peace United Methodist Church (2334 Scalesville Road, Summerfield, NC 27358).You’ll find the church on the corner of Hwy. 220 and Scalesville Road.

Q: What are your fees?

A:  Please go to the Fees page.

Q: What is your Federal Tax ID number for my tax filing purposes?

A:  Our Tax ID Number is:  56-2001705

Q: How do you handle potty-training?

A:  The program staff will work with the family who is trying to potty train their child. This is an important step in the development of a child. The teacher will not push for this accomplishment, but will, through regularly scheduled trips to the restroom, encourage and give verbal rewards when the child is successful. This, as with other steps of development, calls for communication between parent and teacher. Please make it a point to see the teacher regularly to discuss progress or problems. Please also see that your child is provided with enough extra clothes during this time. Pull-ups are strongly encouraged if the child is not completely potty trained. Children must be completely potty trained to enter the 4s.

Q: My child has special needs. Can he/she still attend school there?

A:  Children with developmental or special needs will be considered for this program. Factors affecting acceptance will be appropriateness of placement, ability of staff to assist with special needs, appropriateness of building and equipment, and the total number of children with special needs already enrolled. Each child will be considered individually. A trial period for evaluation may be considered at the time of application.

Q: What is your discipline policy?

A:  Guiding a child in acceptable pattern of behavior is the goal of the family and the program staff. We try to help each child learn to discipline him/herself. We have rules that must be followed for safety and health. We have needs for sharing all our equipment with other children. Each teacher has some of her own rules about acceptable behavior.

Discipline may take the form of “sit in the chair so we can talk about it…” or “sit with me until you can stop throwing rocks.” Rewarding good behavior is our aim, so that the child will find that unacceptable behavior lacks fun and fails to get them the desired attention of the teacher. We try to use a positive approach so that the children will choose a better way.

* Children will not be subjected to punishment of a physical nature such as spanking or shaking.
* Children will not be subjected to punishment of a psychological nature such as humiliation or derogatory or sarcastic remarks or threats of physical punishment.
* Children will not be treated in a punitive manner or shamed when a bathroom accident occurs.
* Children will not be denied food as a punishment nor will they be forced to eat.

It is our goal to work with the family to be supportive of each other in manners of discipline.

Q: What’s your severe weather policy?
A: ** If Guilford County Schools are closed, the Playschool is closed.
** If Guilford County Schools are delayed one hour, the Playschool maintains their regular schedule, opening at 9am.
** If Guilford County Schools are delayed 2 hours, the Playschool will start 1 hour late, opening at 10 am.
** If Guilford County Schools are delayed 3 hours, the Playschool will start 2 hours late, opening at 11 am
**When Guilford County Schools are in session but close early due to inclement weather, the Playschool will close one hour earlier than Guilford County School dismissal. For example, if GCS announce they will be closing three hours earlier (11:30 am), the Playschool will close at 10:30 am. 
All closing information will be posted to our Facebook Page. In addition, a message will come via text through the Brightwheel app.
Parents: to avoid disruptions in your schedule, please remember to make plans early in the year for child care arrangements in case snowy, icy or other severe weather closes school.
Days that are missed due to the closing of school will be reviewed by the Playschool Board.
The Playschool reserves the right to make a decision to cancel school due to severe weather independent of Guilford County Schools.